Build your Social Media Presence to Target eCommerce Professionals

Finding a new job can be tough, especially if you’re looking in a competitive field. But, as the global leaders in eCommerce recruitment, we know how to land you your dream eCommerce jobs.
Below are our top tips for you to consider, when looking for new eCommerce opportunities.

As an eCommerce platform, Social Media can help you advertise your skills and land your dream eCommerce job. The most important profiles to amp up are your LinkedIn, as recruiters and hiring managers most commonly visit these networks. Here are our top tips:

Keep your LinkedIn profile complete and up to date

LinkedIn automatically gives you tips and suggestions to boost your profile and will also let you know its percentage completion. Fill in as much as you can to provide the maximum number of details to viewers. Visit it frequently to make additions and changes as you learn and grow in your ecommerce career. Remember, your LinkedIn page is one of the first things recruiters will see. Implement as many of our top resume tips as you can on your social media profiles.

Use professional content only

That controversial discussion you want to participate in online? Don’t. Keep all posted photos on the up and up as well, and remove any that you would be embarrassed to show a hiring manager during an interview. Keep all your posts positive and appropriate for all audiences. If you’re changing careers, resign from your job properly, and do not speak negatively about former employers on social networks.

Participate in relevant Linkedin Groups

You can join career-relevant groups on LinkedIn and participate in discussions, offering your thoughts and advice. You can follow groups related to your ecommerce career on Facebook, as well. There’s no shortage of Magento groups, Salesforce groups, or any other ecommerce platform technology on popular social networks. Joining groups with like-minded individuals can help you enter the public eye and get noticed in your field.

Focus on accomplishments, not roles

Potential employers want to know how you can help them, and specific details help. So in your work history section on LinkedIn, describe your experience regarding what you accomplished, using numbers to quantify success, if possible. Specific examples of success can help make your job search more successful.

Use a professional headshot

Remember, if a company hires you, they want you to be qualified, and they want to be confident that you will represent the brand appropriately outside of regular working hours – a professional headshot will help this image form!

Run a blog

Blogging is an easy way to get noticed for what you know and how you can help. Most blogging software is free and easy to use. Within your blog, you can post information about frequently asked questions in the world of eCommerce. Leave space for readers to interact with you and ask questions.

Create a YouTube channel

Similar to blogging, YouTube allows you to post relevant industry-related content, answer questions or share how-to tutorials. Video blogging is another easy-to-use way to showcase your knowledge, your skills, and even your personality to others.

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