5 Ways to improve your eCommerce job search

Finding a new job can be tough, especially if you’re looking in a competitive field. But, as the global leaders in eCommerce recruitment, we know how to land you your dream eCommerce jobs.
Below are our top tips for you to consider, when looking for new eCommerce opportunities.

Take your eCommerce job hunt to the next level with these five tips:

Sell your Accomplisments

Are you certified? What qualifications do you have? How have the qualifications helped you progress within your eCommerce career? Your future employer will want to hear all about these! Industry qualifications are hugley recognized and respected, and therefore you need to make sure you discuss them. Make sure your eCommerce resume details all of your qualifications, and be sure to mention them again at the interview stage.

Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most frequented places by recruiters and hiring managers, so be sure your social media presence is built to impress. Write an eye-catching objective statement—you may wish to write it in a narrative “story” format, or include a bulleted list of your key accomplishments. Make sure to include keywords which you would like to be searched for, as recruiters may be using a keyword search to peruse profiles. For example, if you are looking for a role as a Shopify front-end developer, make sure this phrase is included.
Next, make sure to add all your experience and content around it. What did you achieve during your last role as a Shopify front-end developer?
Finally, make sure to have a professional profile picture – show your best self!

Utilize Your Network

We all have an offline network, friends, family, colleges. This is the best place to start growing your online network from. Think about who you know. Write a list of every person who has crossed your path. These people will tend to be incredibly easy to connect with and they will welcome you with virtual open arms.
Next, consider who you’d like to include in your virtual networking strategy. Who inspires you? Are there any individuals that produce content that you can engage well with? Request to connect with these individuals. We suggest including a personalised message where appropriate introducing yourself.

Once you have grown out your network, reach out and ask if they’ve heard about any potential ecommerce openings. After all, not all open positions are advertised.

Visit industry websites

Many professional groups post job openings online. The best roles may not be posted on traditional sites such as Indeed. Make sure to think outside of the box during your job search.

Talk to a recruiter

Leaders in eCommerce recruitment, like Jarvis Cole, have inside knowledge on both advertised and unadvertised eCommerce openings. Therefore, be sure to reach out to us! We not only have the hottest eCommerce job opportunities, but with our in-depth eCommerce industry knowledge, we can help you find the right job at the right time.

Don’t give up!

The right eCommerce job for you is out there. In partnership with Jarvis, you will find the right job at the right time. Don’t give up!

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